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How to implement In-Stream Part 3 - Testing the ad zone

Not seeing ads in the video why?

Often the reason for not seeing an In-Stream ad is that it is receiving an empty VAST response. When there is no video ad to show, our ad-server replies with an empty VAST XML, as per the VAST 3.0 standard.

In such cases, the video player should simply play the content video without an ad!

Often, this is confusing as it cannot confirm if the implementation of our In-Stream was correctly made because no videos are displayed in the current GEO.

Testing Code

For this reason, there is these test codes:

For Adult -

For Mainstream -

For third party Vast tag tools -

If you are having difficulties finding out if the format has been correctly implemented because you don’t see pre-roll videos running wherever you are located, we have provided you with this test zone id that will display a default pre-roll video.

NOTE: This is for testing purposes ONLY. Once you can see the pre-roll video is running correctly then you will have to replace the test zone id for your real ad zone id.

If you need additional help with this step, please contact our Client Care team selecting "Technical Assistance" from the contact form here!

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