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Tips to increase your earnings

We want you to get the best possible earnings based on the website traffic you provide us!!  Perhaps you need additional help, if so, we have some useful suggestions for you below!!

Ad zone types and placement

  • Better performing ad-zones will be those with the highest visibility.  If for example you have submitted a tube site consider Native banners. This can be placed within your video listings and will not standout as obvious advertising to your viewers! Simply select the Native Advertising option from your admin panel under the Sites&Zones tab and the New Zone option from the drop down menu. The ad zone is called a Recommendation Widget

  • Banner ads are the most popular for all sites and should be considered for the header or the sides of your site especially where visitors will most likely see them. Such as next to a video called NTV (next to video) banners. Which have very high visibility consistently.

Mobile traffic

  • If your site is optimised for mobile devices use the specific mobile ad formats which you can find from your admin panel under the Sites&Zones tab and the New Zone option from the drop down menu (see screenshot above).
  • Wifi and carrier traffic (3G/4G), now represent more than 50% of the advertising market and is much more competitive on price, than standard desktop traffic. So not having your site mobile compatible or without mobile ad formats you are missing out on easy revenue!!
  • If you do not have a mobile version of your site but you would like one use a white label solution such as MobileCashout.

Ad Block traffic

  • As you have probably read, there's a growing trend to give online viewers options to block advertising by implementing an ad block product to their device which they need to subscribe to, and which attempts to block them seeing your site advertising.
  • If you have already received a payment from us, you can use our ad block solution NeverBlockThis solution will help to prevent your ad zones from being blocked and minimise revenue loss. Visit the website now for more info and use the contact form to get access and increase the impressions you receive. The difference is immediately noticiable once you've implemented the solution! 

Analyse your statistics

  • Click on the statistics tab in your admin panel and you’ll see a whole range of options to review the performance of your website(s) and ad-zones. 

  • Use this data and determine if you should make changes to some of the ad-zones or to your website content/layout if they generate a low eCPM.

Site quality

  • A site with a large amount of quality content and the right proportion of advertising placed strategically across your website(s), will be more effective in enticing your visitors to actually pay attention to the advertising seen. This in turn will increase the quantity and quality of conversions for advertisers. A key element to making your ad zones more competitive and boosting revenue.
  • Poorly constructed sites with low content or sites with too much advertising will not generate a lot of earnings.  For example, placing 15 banners ads at the top of your homepage before your viewer even sees content is not going to help with your traffic. Advertisers will also be less interested in websites with low traffic volumes and poor website designs or content!

Work your SEO

  • The more quality traffic you have, the more earnings you can make
  • By working on increasing the visibility of your site this will have a positive impact on your traffic. Using multiple keywords in your site help you get referenced more times by search engines. It also helps to better target the advertising you receive in specific pages within your website that is more relevant to your site visitors. This in turn, makes your site more attractive to our advertisers! 

For additional help, contact our Client Care team selecting the "Optimisation Advice" option here!

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