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Calculating your earnings

Some networks you may have worked with perhaps have set a revenue rate based only on the number of clicks you have received, or simply by the volume of impressions. 

At ExoClick, we want you to earn revenue fairly, taking into account the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on your website.

We calculate this using eCPM (effective Cost Per Mille) which takes into account all the various pricing models our advertisers use e.g. CPC/CPM etc

How we calculate your earnings

You can see this information in your statistics tab 

On clicking the tab, by default you are taken to statistics generated this month broken down by day

To calculate your earnings, the formula is ((Impressions /1.000) x eCPM)

Impressions vs eCPM

Sending us large volumes of traffic is fine, but if the advertising we send you is not converting for our advertisers this will reduce the eCPM considerably.

Consider the 2 scenarios below to illustrate:

1) 5,000,000/1000 x $0.104 = $520

2) 3,000,000/1000 x $0.189 = $567

In scenario 1, you had 2 million more impressions but the advertising did not convert so well, and this pushed down the eCPM value.

In scenario 2, you have advertising located in good positions throughout your website, and the advertising you received was relevant to the website content.  You had less traffic, but it converted better for our advertisers, raising the eCPM value!

Optimising your earnings

There are a number of things you can do to improve your eCPM even with low traffic websites, take a look at some tips in this section!

Maybe you should consider filtering out some types of advertising that is not suitable or relevant to your site visitors. Find out more here!

Further questions or advice

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