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Conversion tracking with API (Server to Server)

If you are unsure how to implement these you should seek advice from an IT specialist!

1. Goal Setup:

You must have at least one conversion goal generated via the option found on your Admin Panel under “Conversion tracking” If you don’t, simply create one.

An html code will be generated automatically, here is an example:-

<script type="text/javascript" src="" data-goal="d82c8d1619ad8176d665453cfb2e3s5f0"></script>

The above html code can be used either for API or for pixel tracking. For tracking through an API you only need to use the Goal ID.

Once a goal has been generated, click on that goal’s “Tag” button and copy the value found in the “goal= ”

Note that you may create several trackers if you want to track the different steps of your sale process. For example:

  • Tracker n°1 will be implemented on your landing pages.
  • Tracker n°2 on your free sign up page
  • Tracker n°3 on the payment confirmation page

2. Tracker parameter:

We will pass a dynamic tracker to your URLs which identifies each click uniquely. You must store this tracker on your side, and send it to our API if that visitor is generating a conversion.

To receive this tracker, you must use the dynamic tag {conversions_tracking} in the URLs of your campaigns.

You may use for example:-{conversions_tracking} with {conversions_tracking} replaced dynamically by a unique string in your servers data

Therefore once this URL will be triggered it will replace the values on the param like:

  • From:{conversions_tracking}
  • To

You must get and store the value obtained on the exotracker param on your side, and send it back to our API if that visitor is generating a conversion.

This value “ooddNHNPXHRbHNNU7TG9yZW0gaXBzdW0gZG9sb3Igc2l0IGFtZXQsIGNvbnNlY3RldHVyIGFkaXBpc2NpbmcgZWxpdC4gVml2YW11cyBub24gb2RpbyBtYXNzYS4gRG9uZWMgZGlnbmlzc2ltIGJsYW5kaXQgdmVsaXQgYXQgZWdlc3Rhcy4=” need to be sent it back in the postback

Note: our {conversions_tracking} will generate a string of characters (minimum length of 150 characters and up to 700 characters) so make sure you are able to receive and return the complete string.  

3. Postback URL:

Finally, you must notify us through the Postback URL each time a tracker is generating a conversion. To do so, call our tracking API:[GOAL_ID]&tag=[TRACKER]

Therefore, the postback will look:

  • From:{exotracker}
  • To 

GOAL_ID must be replaced by the goal ID (d82c8d1619ad8176d665453cfb2e3s5f0) provided to you when you created the conversion goal (see above step 1).

{exotracker}  must be replaced by the unique string you received dynamically to your servers (ooddNHNPXHRbHNNU7TG9yZW0gaXBzdW0gZG9sb3Igc2l0IGFtZXQsIGNvbnNlY3RldHVyIGFkaXBpc2NpbmcgZWxpdC4gVml2YW11cyBub24gb2RpbyBtYXNzYS4gRG9uZWMgZGlnbmlzc2ltIGJsYW5kaXQgdmVsaXQgYXQgZWdlc3Rhcy4=)

4. Conversion Tracking Manuals:

We have created several downloadable Conversion Tracking Manuals to integrate ExoClick’s API with third-party APIs.

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