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IP targeting

Our IP Ranges Targeting allows advertisers to target or block specific IP addresses/ranges. This is particularly useful for 3/4G carrier targeting, where advertisers can use additional IP ranges instead of/as well as ExoClick’s current options.

To use this feature simply go to Step 2 of the campaign creation, and enter each IP Range(s) on a separate line. To block items, place a minus sign before the IP Range(s) you want to omit. 

For every campaign, you can target up to 1,000 lines (separate IP or IP ranges). 

When targeting IP ranges, please make sure that they are presented in CIDR format, which allows you to target a range of IPs using only a few bulk IPs. If the IP range looks like (Starting IP from to Ending IP ), for instance:–, you will have to convert it into CIDR format (IP / IP prefix) and then add it to our Admin panel: 

To convert the formats, please use this link.

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